Facebook Video Calling

Posted: July 8, 2011 in :s/

Facebook has recently hit 750 million users but that doesn’t matter, numbers doesn’t matter anymore according to Mark Zuckerberg the CEO and founder of Facebook. At a recent press conference, he finally unveiled what you might have been waiting for, Facebook Video Chat thanks to Skype.

Check out Facebook Video Call right now, you’re going to have to install something before it can actually work, but it’s only a small file and will take just a couple of minutes before you’re smiling, winking and laughing out laugh together with our friends face to face.

At the same event, Mark Zuckerberg also announced its new group chat feature that lets you, well, chat with a group of people. Inspired by the chat functionality inside Facebook Groups, the new feature will be incorporated into the new design of Facebook Chat.

While the group chat feature is probably taking its time to be slowly rolled out to all 750 million users, get started with the video chat right now. Happy chatting, just don’t get caught by your boss or lecturer.


Source : Mashable, Engadget


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